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Roof Inspection Checklist – When to Call the Pros

When is it time to call a roofing professional? At a quick glance, you most likely won’t be able to tell whether or not you may need a roof repair, replacement or perhaps an entire new installation. With having a good, durable and well-maintained roof over your head, you’re protecting a variety of crucial elements such as you and your family of course, along with your home’s value, the belongings contained within it and even a healthy living environment.

So when should you call a professional? As simple as it may be to just pick up the phone and dial your local roofer’s phone number, take a moment to perform your own roof inspection. A self-performed roof inspection is one of those overlooked around-the-house tasks that many folks fall short of doing missing the opportunity to save plenty of time and money.

It is essential that you perform a roof inspection at least once a year to make sure the shingles, flashing, and other features are in pristine shape. There are a variety of items on your roof inspection list to check for both inside and out; and once you’re done, you can feel rest assured knowing the safety, efficiency and healthy living environment of your home is well up-to-par.


Whether or not you want to climb up there is up to your discretion, just do it safely. If you’re not a fan of heights perhaps a pair of binoculars will do the just the trick too. Walk your way around the house, examine and note any potential problems or needs for roof repairs. Make sure that you check for the following:
– Buckling, curling or broken shingles
– Missing Shingles
– Popped shingle nails
– Damaged vent pipes
– Worn, broken or deteriorating flashing or rubber boots around vents, chimneys and/or skylights
– Moss and lichen (roof could be decaying underneath)
– Gutters and accumulated colored grit from asphalt roof tiles
– Roof overhangs and peeling paint on the undersides


If your roof has a leak or other damage, the inside of your home will be susceptible to various issues from water damage and foundation issues, to mold growth and insufficient energy efficient qualities. Luckily for those who aren’t a fan of heights, the indoor roof inspection checklist will be a little less of a hassle for you. Things to check for include:
– Darkened spots on ceilings
– Peeling or bubbling paint in the upper regions of walls
– Damp areas along the sides of fireplaces
– Water stains on pipes venting the water heater or furnace

During your roof inspection, you may come across a few small instances that may only require a little do-it-yourself elbow grease and a small pocket full of cash such as nailing popped nails, replacing a few shingles, resealing worn flashing, and removing moss killer and broom. However, there are plenty of warning signs to keep an eye out for like leaks, rusting, deterioration, and others that require the assistance of a professional roofing company. Let the Remedy Roofing professionals take care of your roof repairs in a time-efficient and reliable manner, while saving you valuable time and money.