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A roof replacement in Garland, Texas


This home in Garland, Texas is receiving a brand new roof today! Originally only approved for a partial replacement, our project manager Isaac Villacis recommended a brittle test to validate how well the old roof system would hold up.

A Remedy crew is installing a CertainTeed roof in Garland, TX

The Brittle Test

The brittle test helps answer one simple question. Is this roof repairable or not?

In order to be valid, any brittle test must be random, representative, and repeatable. During a brittle test, a shingle is loosened at its lower edge from the shingle below it and then raised and lowered by 45 degrees three times.

On roofs that have borderline wind or hail damage, a brittle test is oftentimes used to determine if the damage is repairable or not.

The crew is installing a full synthetic underlayment on the roof.
The crew is installing a full synthetic underlayment on the roof.

CertainTeed Landmark IR

On this particular roof in Garland, the brittle test failed and the homeowner decided to opt for a full roof replacement with a new CertainTeed Landmark IR Colonial Slate roofing system.

Landmark IR shingles are made from two laminated layers of asphalt that are set on fiberglass-reinforced base mats. This is how these specialty shingles achieve the highest impact resistance rating in the industry (UL Class 4).

A new roof like will give any homeowner peace of mind that it will protect their home from water infiltration resulting from impact of damaging hail for many years to come.

With aesthetic features that include random tab design, a versatile selection of popular colors, and enhanced shadow lines to enhance the dimensional look of true wood shake, Landmark IR not only looks awesome but will also stand up strong against the elements.

Almost done! The crew is taking a short break before finishing this roof replacement in Garland, Texas.