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Nailed it: A quick and easy solar solution


Solar energy is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy, thanks to its increasing affordability and accessibility. To the average homeowner, reducing electricity costs over the long term makes solar energy solutions very attractive. Installing residential solar panels has long-term financial benefits, as it reduces monthly energy costs. When coupled with local and federal incentives and tax credits, the benefits of adding residential solar power can quickly offset the initial costs, help save on monthly expenses, and reduce your carbon footprint.

The benefits of traditional solar panels didn’t always outweigh the problems encountered with initial cost, lengthy installation, and appearance. Fortunately, new solar energy technology and installation options mean more people can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the drawbacks.

Streamlined solar shingle installation process

The Timberline Solar™ roofing system, the newest technology in solar roofing from GAF Energy and available through Remedy Roofing, creates clean energy and eliminates challenges of past solar energy technology for homeowners. Made of individual solar shingles, not bulky racks, it looks great while reducing your electric bills. The streamlined installation of Timberline Solar shingles protects your home like a roof with the bonus of built-in solar energy. The Timberline Solar roofing system is designed by roofers and installed by roofers who value solid construction and quality roofing materials.

How do solar shingles work?

Electrical wiring connects each solar shingle through a plastic channel running on the edge of the shingles. Once installed, each shingle is a single unit of only one-quarter inch thickness and is very inconspicuous. Each solar shingle works separately, so on cloudy days, the panels that do receive light can still harness the solar power. The result is a durable rooftop that can be walked on and is aesthetically pleasing, all while harnessing energy for your electrical use at home.

How are solar shingles installed?

Timberline Solar roofing materials are installed exclusively by Remedy Roofing, so you don’t need to hire a solar power contractor. The innovative design seamlessly integrates with the most popular roofing material, asphalt composite shingles. When installing a new roof on your new home or replacing the roof on your existing home, adding Timberline Solar shingles to your installation is as simple as a traditional asphalt shingle roof install. The solar shingle installation process uses the exact same nails and string lines technique that is used for traditional composite roof shingles.

Install Timberline Solar Shingles with Remedy Roofing

Timberline Solar’s new solar roofing technology is superior to other solar products in more ways than just ease of installation and appearance. Manufacturing panels with 10V allows access to a greater host of electronics than older technology. Solar shingles look great, are waterproof, easy to maintain, and very durable. They are made in the USA and backed by GAF Energy.

Remedy Roofing was selected by GAF Energy as one of the first roofing contractors in the nation to bring Timberline Solar to Texas. GAF, the largest building and roofing materials manufacturer in the country, started GAF Energy to integrate the desire for rooftop solar power into their products. When creating GAF Energy, they tapped into some of the solar industry’s top talent to create and develop the revolutionary product of Timberline Solar roofing products. With over 130 years of experience in the roofing industry, their knowledge and commitment to quality continue with the introduction of Timberline Solar roofing.

Remedy Roofing is proud to be one of the first roofers in Texas to provide this new solar roofing system. Let our solar experts complete a power assessment of your home and determine if solar roofing is right for you. Our experts will ensure you get the most benefit from your solar choice. Take advantage of the newest technology in solar power for your home. Contact Remedy Roofing today for a complete assessment of your home’s solar energy possibilities.